Chemical Health Webinar

Webinar IconVinland is pleased to announce the next webinar in our chemical health webinar series. The series offers valuable information on chemical health services for individuals living with cognitive disabilities. The free webinars are held quarterly, with recordings available for viewing on our website here.

Registration is currently open for the next webinar in the series. Registered attendees will receive 1 CEU credit.

Trauma-Informed Services: Organizational Culture & Practical Application
Presented by Rick Krueger, MA, LPCC, LADC, Clinical Services Manager at Vinland Center
When: Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Cost: FREE
Register: Click Here
Overview: Research conducted in the past ten years has dramatically increased awareness about the prevalence of trauma among people seeking treatment for alcohol and drug abuse. People dealing with the life-long effects of trauma are no longer seen as a subgroup. According to SAMHSA, 75% of individuals in substance abuse treatment report histories of abuse and trauma, and 12-24% of individuals in treatment have PTSD. Every individual seeking treatment, even those not showing symptoms of PTSD, should be asked about past trauma.
  • Learn the definition of trauma informed care.
  • Understand the link between PTSD and substance abuse.
  • Identify the impact of trauma on clients.
  • Describe the core elements of a culture of care.
  • Discuss elements of group therapy and trauma informed services.
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3 Responses to Chemical Health Webinar

  1. Wack, Janis says:

    Unless I am reading it wrong…the date on the announcement (2/11) is different than the date in the Outlook connection (3/11). Please let me know which is the correct date….I can’t do a March 11 date.


    Janis Carey Wack, CBIST
    Brain Injury Clinical Specialist
    REM Minnesota
    6600 France Ave So
    Ste 500
    Edina MN, 55435

    952-945-4952 (office)
    952-922-6885 (fax)

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